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Updated: Aug 7, 2021

There is no doubt that the age of prints, canvas or maybe an album being the only option when booking a photographer, now days the possibilities are endless! Everything from mugs, keyring‘s, art papers, metal prints and wood prints. Modern print labs offer a huge variety of options to display your newly treasured photos. But one of the most common questions (I know its one I hear all the time from clients) is “do you offer digital packages” or “can I get all the images on USB?”.

The world of digital has taken over those old photo albums filled with every embarrassing photo possible. But sometimes it can be a little confusing when choosing a digital package. Some photographers may offer a cheaper option to getting images printed but it’s important to ask what resolution or size the image has been exported at. We can definitely get caught out thinking we have a good deal only to try and print your favourite image to fit your 8”12” frame and its completely blurry! But still looks great on your phone...?

It’s not a mind trick, your not losing the plot. Some photographers will export and sell “Web Ready” images, this can mean they have been exported at a lower resolution (quality) as viewing images on the web or on you phone does not need to be a massive file and most of the time smaller files are much better for the web to reduce the upload time and general load time on pages. But having something “Web Ready” wont always work in print. Your best bet is to speak with your photographer about what your wanting to do with your digital images once you receive them, being open with them is your best bet to getting what you want. Some photographers will only offer images to a certain resolution in digital packages and there is a few reasons (in my experience) that they would do this. Printing services are everywhere now days, there is apps, local kiosks and most big chain stores have a service available. But the printers that they use may not always be the best quality and may not be calibrated to the same standards of the photographers screen when editing. Have you ever printed a photo off that looks bright and blue only to pick it up from the lab and it seems a lot more yellow and warm, this can just come down to it not being a quality printer. Photographers want to make sure the images you end up displaying on your walls or showing to family are the same quality as what they have produced and when you let another pop up lab do the print there is no guarantee.

Another reason for offering a limited file size can just be the pure fact of storage space, there isn’t much need for a family photo to be exported at the size of a billboard, you will prob need to provided your own hard drive to collect that digital file hehe. To sum this all up your best option is to have an open conversation with your photographer about your intention for the session/images and get the advice you need to make sure the products you receive are exactly what you wanted.

Contact us with any question, we are more then happy to help! Or check out some of our recent sessions.

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