Family Photo Session | What to wear?

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

You have finally convinced everyone that it‘s about time we update that family photo.


Found your photographer and booked the session.


Now... your a few weeks out from the session and sheer panic sets in when you have no idea what to wear yourself let alone what to put the kids or your partner in!

This is a question I get faced with all too often, and I even remember panic setting in trying to organise my own family photos.

But don’t stress... often the best thing to wear you may already own, or a sneaky shopping trip to your favourite store will easily fix. More often then not you are better off wearing something you already own that you know flatters your body and most importantly you feel comfortable in!

For me personally I think its soooo important to feel comfortable in the outfit you decide on for these images, not only because you will see the images displayed on your wall but in a lot of my sessions I like to get families running, walking, sitting, standing, jumping and just having fun because these are the BEST photos! Capturing real genuine smiles and interactions.

There is defintly a few rules/guidelines I offer to families when choosing what to wear, because lets face it no one wants cousin Johnny in the fluro yellow top sticking out in every photo!

So here’s a few handy tips;

What should I avoid?

I always suggest staying away from fluro bright or bold colours. When you look at an image this is wear your eye will naturally be drawn too, so that top or crazy pants will be the first thing everyone sees and not the super cute expression or amazing family moment.

Same rule applies for Tee’s with large or bold graphic, writing or logo’s. There is a reason designers have made it this way on your shirt, to capture the eye and create brand exposure and we don’t want that in a family photo.

What colours/prints work best?

Too often I get asked “should we all be matching” and some people really like that style of photo and they like to keep it simple for those more painful family members. But you shouldn’t be afraid of different colours, textures or styles. I like to stay with neutral colours that compliment each other, or even a variety of tones in the same colour family. And the same goes for prints, I would recommend all family members wearing an out there print of style as it will draw your eye away from the image as a whole and just become a what was I wearing moment.

Do I need to pick my outfit based on the location?

I think this is definitely something to consider when you are looking for the family outfits. You want something you are all going to feel comfortable wearing in that location, please don’t wear shorts and a tee in the middle of winter just because we are shooting at a beach ( you will freeze and it will be written all over your face in each photo).

You can still have those gorgeous beach photos in some warm jeans and a great jacket! And don’t forget to play with layers, some times adding a simple scarf, jacket, cardigan or belt is enough to dress up your outfit and looks great.

Simple Do’s and Don’ts

  • Stay away from fluro or bold colours

  • Try to avoid large brand logo’s or graphic’s

  • You don’t have to all be matching, colours and tones that compliment each other work really well in family images and bring a little more personality to the image.

  • Consider the location

But most importantly pick something you are comfortable in! Something you wont find youself adjusting or fixing constantly. Your session should be fun, the best images will happen when you are comfortable and just enjoying yourself and your family.

Check out some of our favourite sessions here.

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