Support Local | 10 reasons to shop local

If COVID19 has bought us any good what so ever, its the realization of how important and vital it can be to shop local and support local business.

  • Supporting local families

Alot of small business that operate in your local area are run by individuals and families that also call that area home. Supporting local families enrich the community and allows you to have a more personalized and better customer experience. You may even find you are getting a better price as they have not had to factor is shipping or delivery fees.

  • Locally made or one of a kind products

Don’t you love wondering past a store you never even knew existed (or maybe you did but never had the courage to walk into it) and you discover the treasure trove of goodies, all one of a kind pieces made with love and meaning! Finding something special and being able you connect with the person that created it can be so enriching You may even get a sneaky informant on when new lines will drop.

  • Create community connections

A strong community is not only good for the region, it can create community events which not only support members of the community but may attract tourists to allow for growth and funds in the area.

  • Better for the environment

Shopping local lowers the travel you would normally make,

  • Keep our community unique

And the list could go on forever, so next time your looking for a gift for your loved one or need something fixed around the house put out some feelers in the local community and discover the amazing things just down the road.

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